Designed to Last

The most durable screen system you'll ever find.  Stainless steel mesh screen built into a strong aluminum frame.

Will not rip or tear.  Golf ball proof and pet proof Guaranteed.

What is Tiger Wire?

Tiger Wire is a revolutionary screen system designed to last.  We take super durable stainless steel screen and build it into the strongest, extruded aluminum frame available.
The strength of the Tiger Wire system begins with the actual screen material: 0.23 gage stainless steel (electro-galvanized steel wires), woven together to form what is referred to as a 12x12 mesh wire cloth.  This means that for every square inch of screen there are 12 strands of wire running horizontally and 12 vertically. This cloth is then treated with a tough powder coat finish process that completely covers the wires with a resilient, black specialized paint.  The result is an extra heavy duty screen that has twice the corrosion protection of a non-coated screen.  Each Tiger Wire screen is custom built to order  for swinging doors, patio sliding doors, window screens and patio enclosures.  Tiger Wire is guaranteed pet-proof, kid-proof, golf ball proof, and theft resistant.

Our Projects

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Window Screens

Permanent fix for flimsy window screens.

Swinging Doors

Theft-resistant and pet proof!

Patio Enclosures

The most durable patio screen enclosure.

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