2016 has been an exciting year for Solatube International as the new products just keep rolling out!

The first new product was introduced to our dealership in the summer.  Traditionally, Solatube Daylighting Systems have been relegated to the cylindrical realm, but not anymore!  A line of square decorative fixtures is adding a modern and sleek look to the innovative daylighting technology.  The new “Square” is available in both the 10” and 14” models with the “Just Frost” or “OptiView” diffuser options.  The “Square” is proving to be a great way to add daylight to homes and small offices with modern to transitional décor and style.

The next (and maybe the most exciting) new product from Solatube is the new ISn Daylighting System.  It looks like your basic Solatube from the outside, but it’s what’s on the inside that makes this new system so intriguing.  And, what is this exciting, intriguing, new thing inside the ISn?  Drumroll, please…a Solar-Powered Nightlight!  A small, hardly noticeable LED night light, powered by a tiny solar panel is mounted just inside the tube.  During the day, the solar panel soaks up the sun’s energy, but at night, the LED light automatically turns on to provide a soft glow to your dark hallway, bathroom, closet, etc…  It truly does provide about the same amount of light that you would get from a nightlight!  I have an ISn Daylighting System installed just inside the door to my garage.  When I come home after dark, I am greeted by the Solar-powered Nightlight, which provides enough light for me to turn off my alarm, put my keys away etc… without having to search for a light switch! However, that’s not even the best part.

The deal gets even sweeter…

The new Isn Daylighting System (night light) from Solatube qualifies for a 30% tax credit!  Woo hoo! Our customers are saving up to $285 per tube installed.   So, if you purchase 3 Solatube ISn Systems, you essentially get the third one for FREE.  Amazing, right?!

Solatube continues to prove that it is the most innovative company when it comes to the research and development of new and improved products for the tubular skylight market.  Remember, if you are in our area, please feel free to stop by our showroom (2402 N. Moore Ave.) where you can see 18 installed Solatubes, including the new Square and ISn systems.  We hope to see you soon!

Have a bright day!