Oklahoma’s Skylight Experts?  Yes, you heard that right!Logo with Skylight Expert

Sola Solutions is now Oklahoma’s Skylight Expert in the OKC Metro area!  We have expanded our line of products to include traditional skylights from Wasco.  So, between Solatube tubular skylights and Wasco traditional skylights, we truly have all of your daylighting needs covered!

You might already be pretty familiar with Solatube Daylighting Systems, but what does Wasco offer?  Well, our line of Wasco products include anything from a skylight dome to a skylight glass replacement to custom-designed skylights.  No matter what type of project you have, whether it’s replacing an old skylight or creating a beautiful custom design in a new home, we are professionally trained to make it happen.  Since Oklahoma City has been without an honest, reliable and professional skylight repair and retrofit company for a while now, Sola Solutions decided to step up to the plate this year and give our customers what they have been asking for.

Wasco Skylights

Wasco has been around since 1935 and now they are one of the leading companies in skylight technology.  Wasco knows what builders and their customers are looking for in a skylight- quality, innovation, wide-ranging selection, reliable performance, competitive prices and plenty of daylight.  Luckily, Wasco products can check off every one of those customer requirements and more.  There’s a Wasco skylight to suite every budget, design and lifestyle.  Sola Solutions is proud to be the suppplier of Wasco skylights and accessories here in central Oklahoma.

So, what is this wide-ranging selection we speak of? Let’s start off with the type of mount.  Wasco skylights come in two basic mounts- a curb mount and a deck mount. What’s the difference between a curb mount and a deck mount?  A curb mount is basically a raised border around the skylight opening on

Economy Skylight curb Mount

Economy Curb Mount Skylight

which the skylight sits. (See the Economy Curb Mount Skylight picture).   A deck mount means that the skylight is mounted directly to the roof via a flashing, giving the skylight a flush look with the roof. Next, you have glass options to include the eMAX3 Triple Silver Coated Glazing (Wasco’s standard glazing, Low E high performance insulated tempered glass), Hurricane Resistant (appears ordinary, but shields against damage from wind-borne debris), White laminated (provides total privacy with a translucent look) and SageGlass®.  Sage what?  SageGlass®: An advanced dynamic glass that is electronically tintable and produces a beautiful and cost-effective way to control sunlight without blinds or shades, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a view to the outdoors.  Plus, you can control this tinting technology with your mobile device.  Wow!  Wait…there’s more! The SageGlass® qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. I hope you love saving money just as much as I do!

Solar Powered Skylight vent

Solar Powered Skylight vent

You know what else qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit? The Wasco Solar-Powered Venting Skylight.  Its remote operated, battery powered and solar charged.  Venting skylights are available in the curb or deck mount.  This venting skylight comes with a wireless RF hand-held remote giving you full control of all skylight functions (one remote can control multiple units).  A rain sensor automatically closes the skylight in damp weather, so there’s no worry for leaks.

We are very excited to bring skylight parts, service and installation to Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas!  Give us a call or visit the Skylights tab on our website to learn more.